The Oosterkerk (eastern church) is a 17th-Century Dutch Reformed church in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The Oosterkerk was built in the period 1669-1671 by architect Daniël Stalpaert and completed by Adriaan Dortsman.

The church bells were cast by Pieter Hemony. The layout of the church is in the shape of a Greek cross in which the space between the arms has been partially filled by lower volumes. On the canal side is the main entrance, the elevation of which is supported by a balustrade. The cornice of the lower volumes follows the relief of the walls, whereas the cornice of the Greek cross strictly conforms to the layout without acknowledging the indentations of the wall. Some 500 people were buried in the church, including Adriaan Dortsman. The church is no longer used for church services.

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Geographical coordinates 52.3699821, 4.9195680
Address 1018 Amsterdam, Kleine Wittenburgerstraat 1
Construction dates 1669 - 1671
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