Girona-Costa Brava Airport

Girona-Costa Brava Airport (Catalan: Aeroport de Girona-Costa Brava, Spanish: Aeropuerto de Girona-Costa Brava, code IATA: GRO,  ICAO: LEGE) is an airport located 12.5 km (7.8 mi) southwest of the city of Girona, next to the small village of Vilobí d'Onyar, in the north-east of Catalonia, Spain. It is well connected to the Costa Brava, Barcelona and the Pyrenees.

Many people use Girona Airport as an alternative airport for Barcelona, though the airport is 92 km (57 mi) north of Barcelona. Passengers can transfer to Barcelona by bus or taxi from the airport or by train from Girona railway station. Many car hire companies are also available at the airport terminal. Barcelona city centre can be easily reached in 60 minutes from the airport by road. The following table shows total passenger numbers at Girona Airport from 1997 to date. Alongside being an alternative option to Barcelona Airport, Girona Airport is convenient for the resorts along the Costa Brava, such as Lloret de Mar, l'Estartit and Blanes. It is about a 40 minute drive from the French border and many people use Girona Airport as a way of getting to the Pyrenees and the ski resorts of Andorra.

The airport is served by three main roads: There are 4 bus lines operating in the airport: The closest train station to the airport is in Girona. The closest train stop is in Riudellots, 4 km away from the airport. There is a project to build a station for the future AVE line LGV Perpignan-Figueres, currently (2010) under construction.

On 14 September 1999, at 21:47 UTC, a Boeing 757-204 charter flight from Cardiff, Wales, UK, with 236 passengers and 9 crew left the runway when landing in a storm and broke apart. After leaving the runway, it ran 343 metres across flat grassland beside the runway, before going diagonally over a substantial earth mound adjacent to the airport boundary, becoming semi-airborne as a result. Beyond the mound it hit and severed a number of medium sized trees and the right engine struck the boundary fence. The aircraft then yawed considerably to the right, passed through the fence, re-landed in a field and both main landing gears collapsed. It finally stopped after a 244 metre slide across the field. Damage was substantial: the fuselage was broken in two places and the landing gear and both engines detached. Remarkably, there were no immediate fatalities but 44 people, including the aircraft's captain, received hospital treatment for severe to minor injuries. 

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Geographical coordinates 41.9008330, 2.7605560
Address Girona, Carretera de l'Aeroport de Girona-Costa Brava
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