Ca' Rezzonico

Ca' Rezzonico is a palazzo on the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy. Today it is a public museum dedicated to 18th century Venice and one of the 11 venues managed by the Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia.

Ca' Rezzonico stands on the right bank of the canal, at the point where it is joined by the Rio di San Barnaba. The site was previously occupied by two houses belonging to the Bon family, one of Venice's patrician families. In 1649 the head of the family, Filippo Bon decided to build a large palazzo on the site. For this purpose he employed Baldassarre Longhena, the greatest proponent of Venetian Baroque, a style slowly replacing the Renaissance and Palladian architectural style. However, neither architect nor client was to see the completion of the Palazzo Bon: Longhena died in 1682, and Filippo Bon suffered a financial collapse. It was not finished until 1756 by the architect Giorgio Massari, who had been brought in to oversee the completion of the project by the new owners - the Rezzonico Family. Massari however, seems to have adhered to the original plans of Longhena, with the addition of some concepts of his own which reflected the change in architecture between the palazzo's conception and its completion 100 years later.

Throughout the years private owners had been changing until 1935. It was then when after lengthy negotiations Ca' Rezzonico was acquired by City Council of Venice to display the vast collections of 18th century Venetian art, which lack of space prevented its display in the Correr Museum. Ca' Rezzonico opened as a public museum in 1936. Today it is one of the finest museums in Venice. This is largely because of its unique character, where objects designed for great palazzi are displayed in a palazzo, thus the contents and the container harmonise in a way not possible in a purpose built museum.

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Geographical coordinates 45.4334700, 12.3262420
Address Venice, Canal Grande
Construction dates 1649 - 1756
Opening date 1936

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