Zakopane-Gubałówka transmitter

The Zakopane-Gubałówka transmitter (Polish designation: RTON Gubałówka) is a facility for FM- and TV-transmission on the Gubałówka mountain at Zakopane, Poland. The Zakopane-Gubałówka transmitter uses a 102 metre high free-standing lattice tower located at 49°18′25″N 19°56′25″E / 49.30694°N 19.94028°E / 49.30694; 19.94028. It is situated at 1,122 metres above sea level.

Source of description:łówka_transmitter wikipedia

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Geographical coordinates 49.3069440, 19.9402780
Address Zakopane,
Construction dates 1958 - 1958
Height 102.00

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