Wrocław Opera

Wroclaw Opera - former Municipal Theatre was erected on the street Świdnicka between 1839 - 1841, designed by Carl Ferdinand Langhans, with modern stage and the auditorium for about 1600 seats. After the fires (in 1865 and 1871), the building was reconstructed, increasing auditorium adding a new pavilion, expanding paint shop adorning a portico with paintings. Reconstruction in 1865 was led by Karl Lüdecke, and one from 1871 to 1872 by Karl Schmidt.

After 1945 statues that had been damaged by bullets durign WWII were removed. Also due to political reasons all busts of German artists were taken out from the facade: Beethoven, Goethe, Mozart and Schiller and Schmidt skuto frescoes from the outer wall.

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Geographical coordinates 51.1056156, 17.0309564
Address Wrocław, Świdnicka 35
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