Town hall in Sandomierz

Town hall in Sandomierz was built shortly after the Lithuanian invasion in 1349, originally in Gothic style. It was a square building topped by a tall, octagonal tower. The southern part (with the sundial) dates from this period. In the sixteenth century, it was rebuilt in the form of an elongated rectangle and topped with a parapet. The tower was built in the seventeenth century. The town hall is a branch of the District Museum, Registry Office. In the basement there is the club "Lapidarium". Next to it is the exit of the underground route.

On the southern wall of the town hall is a sundial made in sgraffito technique by Tadeusz Przypkowski (1958), former owner of the watch museum in Jędrzejów. At 12.00 from the town hall tower sounds the bugle call of Sandomierz

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Geographical coordinates 50.6794523, 21.7492931
Address Sandomierz,

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