Torre dels Escipions

Torre dels Escipions (Escipion's Tower) is a funerary tower built by the Romans on the outskirts of Tarraco, ancient Roman city that corresponds to the present city of Tarragona ( Catalonia, Spain ). The Torre dels Escipions is one of the elements of the Archaeological Ensemble of Tarraco, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, being identified the tower with the code 875-010. It was built in the middle of the 1st century AD, to six kilometers from the city of Tarraco, capital of the Hispania Citerior, in the course of the Via Augusta, the Roman road that crossed the entire peninsula from the Pyrenees to Gades ( Cadiz ) and is one of the funerary monuments of the Roman era that still remain most important in the Iberian Peninsula. Is a Turriform monument with three floors superimposed on a declining basis. It is built with rectangular blocks. In the intermediate body are two reliefs of the god of Phrygian Attis deity of death and resurrection, son of Pessinunte and also on the same level there is a burial chamber that housed the furnishings of the deceased; at the base measures 4.40 x 4.70 m.. Its name comes from a misidentification of the two reliefs of the god Attis, who for years were identified as those of Scipio brothers.

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Geographical coordinates 41.1316545, 1.3158270
Address 43007 Tarragona, Carretera de Barcelona a Valencia

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