Tinguely Fountain

Tinguely Fountain - in a shallow pool 19 cm deep, 16 m wide and 19 m long, cast in black mastic asphalt the artist placed nine black figures driven by low-voltage current that spout water as they move. These nine iron eminences cheerfully converse with one another like the mimes, actors and dancers once did on the stage at this exact spot.

With this fountain the popular artist endowed Basel with a new landmark. Regardless of the weather, the fountain site is always thronged with people being animated to picnic or moved to strike up a conversation with a stranger.

This work of art has become part of the life of Basel’s inhabitants in a way few other objects have.

Source of description: http://www.basel.com/en.cfm/sightseeing/offer-SightseeingAusfluegeBT-Sightseeing-154434.html by basel.com

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Geographical coordinates 47.5536780, 7.5906270
Address Basel, Theaterstrasse
Length 19.00
Width 16.00

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