The palace in Kamień Sląski

The palace in Kamien Slaski is a Baroque building from the seventeenth and eighteenth century. The shrine of St. Jack belongs to it. The object was not affected during World War II. At the end of the war, the palace was turned into a military hospital because of the proximity to the airport transporting wounded soldiers. In 1945 Kamień Śląski was invaded  by the Soviet army, which plundered the palace and burned the chapel.

Since the 70s of the twentieth century, the castle sirved as a military hospital due to it's proximity to the airport. In 1971 a fire destroyed a large part of the object. In 1990, the remaining ruins were transferred to the church. Thanks to donations they managed to rebuild the complex rapidly. A careful restoration work has been done.

European Conference Centre is hosted in some rooms of the palace. In addition, the complex is Sebastianeum Silesiacum - Tourism, Recreation and Rehabilitation Group with a salt chamber and a restaurant.

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Geographical coordinates 50.5868002, 18.1040508
Address Kamień Śląski, Trasa 94

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