Shukhov Radio Tower

The Shukhov radio tower (Russian: Шуховская башня), also known as the Shabolovka tower, is a broadcasting tower in Moscow designed by Vladimir Shukhov. The 160-metre-high free-standing steel structure was built in the period 1920–1922, during the Russian Civil War. It is a hyperboloid structure (hyperbolic steel gridshell). Due to its diagrid structure, the steel shell of the Shukhov Tower experiences minimum wind load (the main hazard for high-rising buildings). The tower sections are single-cavity hyperboloids of rotation made of straight beams, the ends of which rest against circular foundations. The tower is located a few kilometres south of the Moscow Kremlin, but is not accessible to tourists.

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Architect definition of architect Vladimir Shukhov
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Geographical coordinates 55.7172220, 37.6113890
Address Moscow, Shabolovskaya
Construction dates 1920 - 1922
Height 160.00

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