Sherlock Holmes Museum

Sherlock Holmes Museum is a museum dedicated to the famous fictional detective created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in the nineteenth century. It occupies a building situated in exactly the same place where the fictional character was living in Conan Doyle's novels, in 221B Baker Street in London.

The Museum was established in 1990 with the permission from the district of Westminster. It is housed in a Georgian building and its interior revolves around the fictional world in which the detective Sherlock Holmes and his faithful assistant Dr. Watson solved mysteries in gray and cold London of the late nineteenth century. Here, we can visit the recreated dining room or the detective's office, among other stuff related to the character. There is also a store where you can purchase items related to Sherlock Holmes and his adventures.

There are two interesting facts about this place that are worth mentioning. First, 221B Baker Street actually never existed at the time when Sir Conan Doyle wrote his novels because this street ended at number 85. Second, the nearest London underground station, the Baker Street, is richly decorated with the silhouettes of the detective.

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Neighbourhood Westminster (LONDON)
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Geographical coordinates 51.5237587, -0.1583642
Address NW1 6XE City of London, Baker Street 221
Opening date 1990
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