Santa Creu Hospital - Library of Catalonia

The Santa Creu Hospital is a Gothic building located in the Raval district of Barcelona.

For many centuries it had been the main hospital in Catalonia but in the beginning of the twentieth century it was necessary to move it to a bigger , and more modern building.

Thus, The Santa Creu Hospital became obsolete and today houses an art school, La Massana, a library of Barcelona Provincial Council, the Institute of Catalan Studies and the Library of Catalonia, the largest and the oldest library in Catalonia.

The complex was designed by Guillem d'Abriell. It has a courtyard surrounded by four buildings. A small Gothic church is attached to the main building. The grand staircase that leads to the National Library of Catalonia is well-preserved and is one of the main attractions of this place.

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Neighbourhood El Raval (Ciutat Vella)
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Geographical coordinates 41.3804654, 2.1703738
Address 08001 Barcelona, Carrer de l'Hospital 56
Construction dates 1902 - 1930
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