Robert Schweikert Palace

Robert Schweikert Palace is home to Theodore Robert Schweikert (son of Frederick William Schweikert) located at Piotrkowska 262/264 in Lodz. The building was constructed in 1910 and designed by Romuald Miller.

It is a small, neo-Baroque detached palace with a representative courtyard ,which is marked out by the buildings (stables, coach house, gatehouse with utility rooms) that are located on sides and an iron fence with gates. The building is two-storey with a high ground floor, a semicircular driveway portico and hipped roof. Behind the palace is a "Italian" garden. The exterior decorations of the palace also refers to the simplified forms of classical, historical elements giving the building a modernist look.

During the war, the palace housed German bank, after the war it served for office of several organizations. The palace was renovated in 1993 and since then houses the European Institute.

Source of description: planerGO

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Geographical coordinates 51.7500170, 19.4614170
Address Łódź, Piotrowska 262 - 264
Construction dates - 1910

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