Raczyński Library in Poznań

The Raczyński Library was founded by Edward Raczyński (1786–1845) in Poznań. The library 's building was erected in 1822 – 1828 with the financial support of Edward Raczyński Foundation. The structure of a classical building features a colonnade reminiscent of the eastern façade of the Louvre.

The first volumes were comming from a private collection of the creator, which were bought from the closed monasteries. The citizens who donated more than thousand volumes were allowed to place their's portrait in the library reading room (applied only once - to the wife of the founder). Collections also increased in size thanks the law given by the Friedrich Wilhelm III who obligated all publishers of the Grand Duchy to deliver a free copy to the library of each published book.

During World War II almost the entire library was burned off. Except of the special collections stolen by the Germans. In the end of 1994 the volumes of a library numbered about 252 000 units.

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Geographical coordinates 52.4084571, 16.9285081
Address 61-001 Poznań, Plac Wolności 19
Construction dates 1822 - 1828
Opening date 1829
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