Provincial Court in Bruges

The Provincial Court Building in Bruges (Provinciaal Hof op de Markt in neederlands) is a neo-gothic style building located on Markt Square. 

This building was built by the architect Louis Delacenserie. The construction of the Provincial Court started in 1887, but it was only in 1921 that the three left bay-spans were ready. The white stone facade of the Provincial Court is assymetric: the left wing has three spans, the middle has alson three spans, but the right wing has four spans with a paasage. The middle part has a floor more and is accentuated as much as the corners with guerite towers. A stone spire with crockets is crowned with finials and the windows are decorated with tracery.

Source of description: planerGO

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Geographical coordinates 51.2085842, 3.2239858
Address 8000 Bruges, Markt
Construction dates 1887 - 1921

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