Potocki Palace in Krzeszowice

Potocki Palace in Krzeszowice - nineteenth-century mansion of family Potocki situated in the western part of Krzeszowice. The initiator of the palace was the owner of Krzeszowice - Artur Potocki. The first two projects of the residence had been ordered by princess Isabella Lubomirska in the late eighteenth century

The palace was built between 1850-1857. A year later, Adam Potocki ordered the reconstruction plan of the palace, but it has not been realized. The construction was completed according to plans of architect Lanci. The palace was a small mansion in the style of the Italian Renaissance. It was built on the hill. It consisted of a two-storey main building with four corner towers and extra wings enclosing the courtyard. On the eastern side an octagonal conservatory was built, which was connected with the palace by arcades. Before the main facade on the southern part, a spacious terrace was located.

After the war, the new government nationalized the possession of Potocki. Then began the process of its destruction. Currently the family recovered the palace and is slowly renovating it.

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Geographical coordinates 50.1331790, 19.6225260
Address 32-065 Krzeszowice, Kościuszki 20
Construction dates 1850 - 1857
Area 14.70

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