Porta Fira Towers

Porta Fira Towers are two skyscrapers located in the Plaza Europa, in the city of l'Hospitalet de Llobregat near to Barcelona, a new business centre whose construction has not yet been finished. They are the Hotel Porta Fira and Torre Realia.

Designed by a Japanese architect Toyo Ito and the b720 Arquitectos group led by Madrid architect Fermín Vázquez, both towers are intended to emulate, even though in very different ways, both Venetian Towers from Plaza España built in 1929 for the Universal Exhibition to welcome all visitors. In this case, the towers are to welcome visitors accessing the city from the El Prat airport.

The towers of highly dissimilar geometry and very distinct one from another, are constructed of materials such as aluminium or glass. They are 110 meters high and house a hotel and an office tower.

Porta Fira Hotel has a façade with windows in a shape of wavy and irregular polygons and a bright colour makes it stand out from other nearby buildings. La Torre Realia however, has an orthogonal form with its curtain wall coated with steel and glass. The interconnecting elements of two buildings are a reflection of the Hotel seen in the Realia Tower façade and a large atrium at the bottom of both towers.

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Geographical coordinates 41.3563691, 2.1245947
Address 08908 L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, Plaça Europa
Construction dates 2006 - 2010
Opening date 2010
Height 110.00

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