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Pompeu Fabra University is a Catalan centre of education which was established in 1990 as a result of the expansion of the educational institutions in Catalonia. It was created with the aim to disseminate the values of freedom, democracy, justice, equality, independence and plurality. Today, it is one of the most prestigious colleges in Spain.

The departments of the university are located in different buildings scattered around the city. The ones that deserve a special mention are the "Roger de Llúria" and "Jaume I" buildings and the 'Water Tank' (Depósito de las Aguas), which are connected with each other through an underground tunnel.

The 'Water Tank' (Depósito de las Aguas) was created in 1847 by the architect Josep Fontseré in collaboration with Antoni Gaudí, who was responsible for making all the structural calculations necessary to regulte the flow of water. This tank supplied water irrigating the gardens in the Ciutadella Park.

The building is based on a Roman model and it consists of a maze of 14-meter high parallel arcs which cross with each other to form a spectacular barrel vault shape, and run 65 meters deep creating a mirror effect. Today, the building houses a big library.

The Roger de Llúria and Jaume I buildings were built as former military barracks. Both of them won awards for their design and structure, including the Ciutat de Barcelona Prize in 2001. Roger de Llúria, with its characteristic central courtyard with a spectacular crystal glass wall, was designed by the MBM architects: Oriol Bohigas, David Mackay and Josep Maria Martorell.

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