Polana Szymoszkowa ski station in Zakopane

Szymoszkowa ski station in Zakopane is situated on the southern slopes of Gubałówka in Zakopane. Base station is located at the road Powstańców Śląskich (the Silesian Insurgents) leading from Zakopane to Kościeliska near the hotel Mercure. It is also possible to reach in car the top station located on the back of Gubałówka.

Station has 2 chairlifts with a capacity of 5,000 person / hour. The slopes are artificially covered with snow, iluminated, prepared by the snowmobile trails. Near the top of the station's there is a catering hut.

Source of description: planerGO

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Geographical coordinates 49.2936670, 19.9286110
Address Zakopane,

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