Plaça del Rei - Tinell Hall

Plaça del Rei (King's Square) is a square containing a group of buildings located in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, in the District of Ciutat Vella. Close to the complex, there is a palace which in the past belonged to the last Catalan dynasty of kings that lasted till the 13th century when the death of Martin I ended the dynasty.

The Gothic buildings are well-preserved and include the Tinell Hall, the Chapel of St. Agatha and the Palace of Lloctinent. It is worth mentioning that formerly this site was occupied by a Roman building and even some architectural remains from the Visigothic era have been found in this place.

In the sixteenth century, when the complex no longer belonged to the nobility, it was divided between the Inquisition and the royal administration. In the nineteenth and twentieth century, the building was returned to the city government, which decided to remodel it under the supervision of Elies Rogent and later Adolf Florensa.

Currently, Tinell Hall and the Chapel of St. Agatha house the Barcelona City History Museum.

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Style definitin of style Gothic
Category definition of category palace
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Neighbourhood El Gòtic (Ciutat Vella)
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Geographical coordinates 41.3841485, 2.1775662
Address 08002 Barcelona, Plaça del Rei
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