Parc and hill Colle Oppio

The Park on the Oppian Hill is are a public space in Rome, Italy, covering an area of 11 hectares.

During the Roman epoch, the Oppian Hill used to be an important trade and economic centre. It was a higly urbanized area, for which many architectural projects were commissioned. In the Medieval times the hill lost its importnace significantly and the area was converted to gardens and orchards. As in the 19th century an innovative program of urbanization of Rome was introduced, a public park was set up on the Oppain Hill in 1871.

In the park there are many relics of the Roman empire, such us the Thermae of Trajan, the pavilion of Domus Aureo, the Thermae of Titus. Furthermore, the park is adorned with plenty of fountains. There is also the Temple of Nymphs with tufaceous ornaments by Giorgiutti or the statue of Alfred Oriani by Ercola Drei from 1935. The garden is floristic-wise diverse. One can find typical species of Mediterranean trees, such as stone pinias, cypresses, oleanders or exotic palms, but also plants most characteristic of antic gardens, such as roses, myrtle or laurel.

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Neighbourhood III Isis et Serapis (14 regioni di Roma augustea)
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Geographical coordinates 41.8920009, 12.4994799
Address 00184 Rome, Via delle Terme di Traiano 5

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