Palau de la Generalitat de Catalunya

The Palau de la Generalitat de Catalunya is a building owned by the Government of Catalonia, the Generalitat, located in the Plaza de Sant Jaume, in the heart of Barcelona's Catalan Gothic district.

The institution has undergone several ups and downs throughout its history. It was also abolished by Philip V(the Decree of Nueva Planta) after the War of Succession and was under various assaults from the dictatorships of the twentieth century. It was born in thirteenth century and lives on today as the highest organ of government in Catalonia.

The building, which blends styles such as Gothic or Renaissance due to several renovations throughout its history, was started in 1410 under the direction of Marc Safont who also built the Chapel of St. George, the patron saint of Catalunya. It was erected over an existing building in the Jewish quarter of 'El Call'. Later, around 1596, Pere Blai created the Renaissance façade, which was the first one in this style in the city, but it was not the last remodelling of the façade. It was rearranged by many architects such as Miquel Garriga, Josep Puig i Cadafalch and Joan Rubio i Bellver.

Thus, inside and outside the building, several Gothic elements remained, for example the courtyard, the staircase and the galleries in the flamboyant Gothic style, one of the façades and the chapel of St George, designed by Marc Safont. Among elements in Renaissance style, there is the main façade facing the Plaza de Sant Jaume, created as a façade of an Italian palace, with a great respect for measurements and architectural proportions, from which you can see the dome of Saint George.

Inside there are a lot of distinctive element which are worth seen: a central courtyard, a Gothic gallery, the chapel of St. George, the Patio of Orange Trees and the Hall of St. George with superb murals, designed by a Renaissance architect Pere Blai. Now the frescos are all related to military and religious themes because the original ones were replaced due to the request of Primo de Rivera during his


The Palau can only be visited on the day of Sant Jordi, April 23.

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Neighbourhood El Gòtic (Ciutat Vella)
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Geographical coordinates 41.3827203, 2.1770060
Address 08002 Barcelona, Plaça de Sant Jaume
Construction dates 1410 - 1619
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