Palace in Wojanów

The palace is built on a high pedestal, turning a terrace on the south side. It has 3 floors with a mezzanine. The shape is close to a square with round towers covered with a steep hipped roof. In the garden there is a large garden with side steps, flanked by the extreme corners of greenhouses. The front facade has preserved a bipartite portal surmounted with a frieze, on which was placed escutcheons, window frames on the lower floor and an internal portal leading to the basement.Much of the equipment of the nineteenth century palace, was destroyed in the years after the war and in a fire in 2002. Only survived a ballroom with polychrome paintings and ornamental arches of one of the upper storey towers.
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Geographical coordinates 50.8855318, 15.7961861
Address Wojanów, Łomnicka
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