Palace in Śmiełów

The palace is located in Śmiełów and houses Adam Mickiewicz Museum. This historic palace was built in 1797 by the leading architect of the era of classicism - Stanislaw Zawadzki who was the author of among others Dobrzyca palace and the palace in Lubostroń. The palace consists of classical, rectangular planned villa, combined with semicircular galleries with wings. The inspiration for the architect was the Villa Badoer in Frat by Andrea Palladio . Outbuildings are cover by a cracow roof.

Source of description: planerGO

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Architect definition of architect Stanisław Zawadzki
Style definitin of style Neoclassical
Category definition of category palace
Material definition of material
Price definition of price
Geographical coordinates 52.1064500, 17.5712000
Address Śmiełów, Wiosny Ludów
Construction dates - 1797

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