Old Town Hall in Munich

The Old Town Hall ( German Altes Rathaus ), until 1874 the domicile of the municipality, serves today as a building for the city council in Munich. The Old Town Hall bounds the central square Marienplatz on its east side. The building, documented for the first time in 1310, had its Grand Hall (Großer Saal) constructed in 1392-1394. The former Talburg Gate (Talburgtor) of the first city wall serves as spire. The Old Town Hall was re-designed in late- gothic style by Jörg von Halsbach 1470-1480. The Grand Hall was decorated by the Morris dancers, created by Erasmus Grasser. After alterations of the facade during the Renaissance the building was restored in neo-gothic style 1861-1864. In 1874 the municipality moved to the New Town Hall. For the passage of increased road traffic the Old Town Hall was tunneled in 1877 and 1934. During World War II the building was severely damaged and the spire was reconstructed in 1971-1974.

Source of description: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Old_Town_Hall,_Munich wikipedia

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Architect definition of architect Jurg von Halsbach
Style definitin of style Gothic
Category definition of category building
Material definition of material
Price definition of price gratis
Geographical coordinates 48.1368400, 11.5768500
Address 80331 Munich, Marienplatz 15
Construction dates 1420 - 1480

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