Old Mill in Vernon

Old Mill in Vernon (Le Vieux Moulin) is the symbolic monument of the city of Vernon in Eure (France).

It is an old timber built around the sixteenth century straddling the batteries from the old bridge of the city, which was crossing the Seine. The medieval bridge dates from the twelfth century, the mill dates from the sixteenth century.

Between 1925 and 1930, the old mill belonged to a revue spectacular composer, Jean Nouguès, who managed a dancing on a barge moored nearby. In 1930 he sold it to an American, William Griffin. After the owner's death in 1947 and many damages of the World War II, the city has renovated the mill.

Today, it is one of the last bridge buildings in the world. It has been represented thousands of times by painters, even by Claude Monet. This mill was also used in the filming of the movie with Jean Marais "Mysteries of Paris" in 1962.

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Geographical coordinates 49.0974970, 1.4880680
Address 27200 Vernon, Impasse de la Chaussée
Construction dates - 1600
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