Museum of the Army in Toledo

The Museum of the Army in Toledo is a museum located in te Alcazar of Toledo together with the Regional Library of Castile-La Mancha. It is the anciest in Spain and shows a great collection of steel weapons, uniforms and documents of the Spanish Army from 19th to 20th century.

The Museum with current headquarters in Toledo, is the result of merging various military museums created throughout the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Its core consists of the founding of the Artillery and Engineers. In 1803, at the instigation of Godoy, was created in Madrid Royal Military Museum, more remote history of the Army Museum today.

The Army Museum is one of the oldest Spanish museums and responds to the interest in the Europe of the time for the preservation and dissemination of objects related to military history. At that time, responding to their collections clear educational budgets, one of its main objectives to support the training of soldiers, providing further education to the military academies. In 1827, there is the division of the Royal Military Museum in two sections: the Artillery Museum and the Museum of Engineers, with organization and operation. In the last third of the nineteenth century, begins a new stage of development of military museums. This is how the Quartermaster Museum (1885), the Museum of Cavalry (1889) and the Infantry Museum (1908), which together with the aforementioned Artillery and Engineers maintain independent living. In 1929 already raised the idea of ​​organizing a new museum collecting all existing military museums, but never came to fruition. We must wait for the Second Republic, when creating the Military History Museum in 1932, including sections for the four arms and bodies and Military Health Service Corps.

After the Spanish Civil War, the Museum acquired the structure and organization which remains valid in the Hall of Realms until his recent transfer. Currently and since 2010 the Army Museum is located in the Alcazar of Toledo, which has meant a change not only geographically, but the restructuring of the exhibition concept and the museum approach, consistent with trends in fashion.

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Geographical coordinates 39.8578199, -4.0210260
Address 45001 Toledo, Cuesta de Carlos V
Opening date 1932

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