Museum of Musical Instruments in Poznan

Museum of Musical Instruments in Poznan, the only one of this type in Poland, located in the Old Market Square in three historic buildings. It belongs to the National Museum in Poznan.

The museum was established in 1945, and its founder was Zdzislaw Szulc, the first curator. The first public exhibition took place in 1949 in the building at avenue Marcinkowski.

The museum has four academic departments:

  • European instruments of professional
  • European folk instruments
  • non-European instruments
  • musical items

The exhibits are stored in 19 thematical rooms.
Source of description: planerGO

This object belongs to National Museum in Poznań

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Geographical coordinates 52.4086994, 16.9297967
Address 61-001 Poznań, Aleje Karola Marcinkowskiego 9
Construction dates - 1945
Opening date 1949

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