Midday stone in the Giant Mountains

Midday stone is a rock formation in Western Sudetes within the Giant Mountains National Park, west of the Cauldron of the Great Pond, on the northern slope of Smogornia, in the Municipality Podgórzyn.

It is a form of rock, consisting of several highly fractured granite island mountains. The northern pillar viewed from the east side resembles a human form. The stone is situated at an altitude of 1423 m above sea level and rises to a height of 12 meters. Overlooks the Upper Karpacz and surrounding areas. It is the most characteristic and most visible rock in the Giant Mountains, which can be seen from almost all the Jelenia Góra Basin.

Fancy shapes rocks is the result of a complex and long process of erosion, during which the elements less resistant to weathering were removed.

Source of description: planerGO

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Geographical coordinates 50.7641670, 15.6836110
Address Podgórzyn,

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