Marceliński Forest

Marceliński Forest is a communal forest, located in the western part of Poznan, in several of its districts.

The forst is mostly compoes of pine with a small mixture of birch trees. Also grow silver birch, beech, common bird cherry, sessile oak, red oak, common hornbeam, maple, sycamore, maple, linden, European larch, common elm, white willow, white poplar and false acacia. Animals living in the forest area, include: Lesser White-toothed Shrew, buzzard ordinary, Middle Spotted Woodpecker, Great Tit tit, Goshawk, Common Tern, raven, magpie ordinary, ordinary jay, wood pigeon, bats, shrew velvet, common squirrel, hedgehog western, roe deer, fox, marten, raccoon, brown hare, polecat ordinary, muskrat, sand lizard, grass snake wort and rarely wild boar.

In the northern part there is a nameless pond, inhabited by waterfowl (mallard, coot).
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Geographical coordinates 52.4000000, 16.8333330
Address Poznań, Leśnych Skrzatów
Area 230.00

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