Malta Lake Fountain

Malta Lake Fountain - Poland's largest floating fountain installation, located in Poznan exactly on the Malta Lake, in its western part, near the park railway station Maltanka. Is one component of a complex holiday in Malta.

The fountain has thirteen water jets (8 liters per second) coming out in different directions, with different combinations and strength. Height reaches over 60m, and is illuminated with nine colours, changing every twenty minutes. Water provides six floating submersible pumps, and light comes from 24 reflectors.

The device also has ecological value - aerates the lake water and creates a favourable moist micro-climate.
Facility was open on 29 of June 2003 on the occasion of the 750th anniversary of the location of Poznan.

Fountain has been refurbishment and has been reopened in its current form on 29 of April 2010 at 11:00. Around the fountain there is a 20-meter safety zone (once sloping portion of the water weighs about 250 kg). The fountain is also turned of during competitions on the lake.

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Geographical coordinates 52.4057440, 16.9592000
Address Poznań, Jana Pawła II 5
Construction dates 2003 - 2010

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