El Gran Teatro del Liceo, better known as Liceo in Spanish and Liceu in Catalan, is an opera house in Barcelona located in the Rambla de Sant Josep, the part of Las Ramblas.

This theater was opened on 4 April 1847 and for a long time was a meeting place of the Catalan bourgeoisie, was treated as a symbol of the aristocracy of the city.  The main and simultaneously the best documented creator of the building was Miguel Garriga. Generally, Liceo was built in eclectic style but there are problems with accurate defining it because of combination of various styles.

Although in 1861 Liceo was totally destroyed by a fire. The negative effects of reconstruction, which was associated with the change of architectural style, can be seen till now. The reconstruction of the theater after the fire should be assigned to Josep Oriol Mestres, who managed to rebuild the building in one year. Despite the subsequent reconstruction, the first after anarchist attack in 1893 and the other after the great fire in 1994 the theater still maintains its style.

Thus, the building style is quite eclectic, combining different architectural styles, especially after the last fire remodeling. There are plenty of modern structures and extensions but even though Liceo still retains a unique atmosphere. The main facade, which is seen from the Las Ramblas was virtually intact, is built in classic style with a pediment and clock on the top. From architectural point of view, should be emphasized the porch, stairs and mirror's lounge which have romantic and specific decoration. The last room was created as a resting place for actors during the act (also intact during the last fire in 1994).

Liceu is one of the most famous operas in the world. For 150 years of its presence in Barcelona, there were played the finest plays with the best actors and composers, like Josep Carreras, Montserrat Caballe and either

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Neighbourhood El Raval (Ciutat Vella)
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Geographical coordinates 41.3801665, 2.1739554
Address 08002 Barcelona, La Rambla 51
Construction dates 1845 - 1847
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