Lagiewnicki Forest in Lodz

Lagiewnicki Forest - forest complex located within the administrative boundaries of the city of Lodz, occupying an area of 1 205.45 ha, being the largest recreational area in Lodz. It is now one of the largest forests located within the city limits in Europe.

The name of the forest comes from the village of Lagiewniki created probably in the eleventh century, serving as ancillary function to the castle in Zgierz. Name of the settlement, comes from the court of the prince delivering łagwia - a dish made of wood and leather, designed to store and carry drinks.

Łagiewniki Forest is located in the north-eastern part of the city. It has an area of 1 205 ha.

In order to popularize the place, since 1965, many hiking and biking paths have been constructed. There are signs indicating the valuable objects and history of the place.

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Inside of Lagiewnicki Forest in Lodz you can also find: St. Anthony church in Łódź-Łagiewniki ,

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Geographical coordinates 51.8347384, 19.4665647
Address Łódź,
Area 1205.45

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