Kórnik Castle

Kórnik Castle (Zamek w Kórniku or Zamek Kórnicki in Polish) was constructed in the 14th century. The current neogothic design is the work of Tytus Działyński. Remodeling and renovation work on the castle was also done by his son Jan Kanty Działyński. After Jan's death, his brother-in-law Count Władysław Zamoyski received the castle in Jan's will. Shortly before his death in 1924, the childless count willed the castle, along with an extensive art collection and the Kórnik Arboretum to the Polish state.

The castle currently houses a museum and the Kórnik Library.

The surrounding is a scenic wonder with one of the largest and oldest garden in Europe with european, asiatic and american trees and shrubs. Also, a huge lake also allows a pleasant stroll along its banks on foot or by boat.

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Geographical coordinates 52.2465452, 17.0916234
Address Kórnik, Średzka 2

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