Julian Tuwim's Bench in Lodz

Julian Tuwim's Bench is a bronze monument unveiled by Wojciech Gryniewicz on 10th of April 1999 at Piotrkowska 104 in front of the Juliusz Heinzel Palace in Lodz.

The statue shows a life-size Tuwim sitting on a bench in the pose of making an impression as if the poet was listening to someone sitting next to him. Place on the bench next to Tuwim is free, which allows the viewer to sit next to him and play the role of the person talking to him. Nose of the sculpture is worn due to urban legend saying that rubbing the poet's nose brings good luck.

The sculpture is part of the so-called Great Łodzian Gallery - a group of outdoor statues in bronze, placed on the side-walks of str. Piotrkowska since 1999.

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Geographical coordinates 51.7646750, 19.4574360
Address Łódź, Ulica Piotrkowska 104

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