Joan Brossa Gardens

The Joan Brossa Gardens, located on the mountain of Montjuïc, were built years ago in what formerly was an amusement park. The gardens, named in honour of the Catalan poet and situated halfway between a park and a forest, are a good example of the environmental recovery of space previously damaged by human activity.

Although the amusement park is gone, there are plenty of playgrounds beloved by children. This is why this park is often visited by families.

The park has preserved two concrete buildings of rather peculiar shapes that function as restaurants. One of them, "El Parasol" provide a perfect place where one can hide in the shade on a hot day.

The diverse vegetation contains lots of conifers, such as cypress or pine trees, as well as many Mediterranean species like olive trees. Here we can also find statues dedicated to Carmen Amaya and Joaquin Blume.

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Geographical coordinates 41.3686359, 2.1650324
Address 08038 Barcelona, Avinguda de Miramar
Area 5.30
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