Jaszczurówka Chapel

Jaszczurówka Chapel is Roman Catholic parish church located in Zakopane. Temple, designed by Stanisław Witkiewicz was begun in 1904 and consecrated in 1907. It's full name is: Chapel of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Jaszczurówka.

The chapel is a typical example of the Zakopane style. Temple of the apparent timbered structure is based on a high stone foundation. The front has arcades. On the roof there is a small tower with a bell. The interior consists of a rectangular presbytery and one aisle. Wooden altar reminds highland's hut. The interior is decorated with a stained-glass windows designed by S. Witkiewicz and the coats of arms of the Poland and Lithuania. The side altars, also made of wood come from the 50's of the twentieth century.

Source of description: planerGO

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Architect definition of architect Stanisław Witkiewicz
Category definition of category church
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Geographical coordinates 49.2846336, 20.0011356
Address Zakopane, Oswalda Balzera 31
Construction dates 1904 - 1904

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