Izrael Poznanski Palace

Izrael Poznanski Palace - the nineteenth century palace located in Lodz.

It was originally designed as a commercial and residential object. When it was purchased by Izrael Poznanski in 1877 it was a simple corner building with modest elevation. From that moment it underwent multiple transformations in the style of French neo-Renaissance and neo-baroque (in the years 1888-1903), according to design of Hilary Majewski.

Palace is also known as "Louvre of Łódź".

Later remodelling was associated with a change of its owners. In the inter-war period the building was the seat of the Regional Office. In 1975 the Museum of City History was created inside the Izrael Poznanski Palace.

Source of description: planerGO

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Geographical coordinates 51.8206450, 19.2987890
Address 95-069 Łódź, Ogrodowa 15
Construction dates 1877 - 1903

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