Hotel Kolegiacki

Hotel Kolegiacki(Collegiate Hotel)- its excellent location near the Old Market Square on Plac Kolegiacki 5 makes that you do not need to waste time on the access to major places of Poznan.
Kolegiacki Hotel is a boutique, where every room and bathroom are individually designed.
Housed in two buildings- one from the late eighteenth and the other from the beginning of the nineteenth century. Both are entered in the register of monuments, and are under the supervision of conservator.
Unusual experience for the guests is a real relations with history. In the room 205 lived known chronicler of the city of Poznan - Marcel Motta, in his honor on the facade of the building is placed a commemorative plaque. The building also visited Karol Marcinkowski and Hippolytus Cegielski - eminent Poznanians.
Collegiate Hotel welcomes guests to a cafe in Biedermeier style with a delicious coffee and desserts and Mediterranean-style patio, where you can taste exquisite dishes served by the Chef.
Beyond the conference room, the open roof terrace is located.When warmer days come, it will act as the summer bar.
Panorama view of the city and the monuments of class zero and gushing in Poznan Goats every day at noon, surprising even the natives of Poznan.
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Geographical coordinates 52.4070761, 16.9359471
Address Poznań, Plac Kolegiacki 5
Opening date 2011
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