Heroes of the Ghetto Square in Cracow

Heroes of the Ghetto Square in Cracow was formerly known as Zgody Square or the Concord Square, was the centre of the Jewish ghetto in Podgórze. During resettlement of the Jews from the Cracow and Kazimierz to the ghetto. Jewish families were allowed to transport their property. This was meant to prevent a revolt and make the Jews believe that in the ghetto, they would be able to live normally. Upon arrival, it would turn out that several families would be crammed into small apartments and their property was left on the Square to be stolen or destroyed.

It was the main place for the bringing together and selection of Jews during the resettlement and liquidation operations. During the occupation, many brutal murders and mass executions took place here. The tragic history of the place is commemorated by a unique installation made up of several chairs scattered across the square. Inspiration for the memorial was a description by Tadeusz Pankiewicz, who remembered the sad view of chairs placed all over the square during the liquidation of the ghetto and the emptying of the houses in March 1943.

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