Groenerei Canal

The Groenerei Canal is a tranquil, tree-lined canal in the centre of Bruges, Belgium. On the southern bank of the canal there is also a parallel street called Groenerei (eng. green canal). Over the canal there are several stone bridges, such as Peerdenbrug or Blinde-Ezelbrug Meebrug.

The canal is probably an entirely man-made watercourse dug in the 11th century to connect the town with the distant mill.

Today, the city of Bruges is referred to as the Venice of Northern Europe due to its numerous canals running (many of them navigable) with Groenerei being one of them. On its banks, there were many notable edifices built throughout history, e.g. the House of Charity Pelican (From Pelikaan), a picturesque eighteenth century building.

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Geographical coordinates 51.2090330, 3.2301829
Address 8000 Bruges, Groenerei

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