Gasworks in Poznań

Municipal gasworks in Poznan on the Island Grobla. The first construction works started in 1853. Its designer, commissioned by Mayor Eugene Naumann was a British architect John Moore. Starting apparatus for gas production from coal was on 14 of November 1856, and supplied 414 lanterns connected to the urban installation. After a year of gasworks supplied about 1,500 customers.

Coal was first shipped from England to Szczecin, where he handled it on the barges. After the railway came to Wroclaw the coal started to be brought from Silesia by rail. Initially, rapidly growing company in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century experienced the difficulties of competition in electricity, but after Poland regained its independence again modernized facility and carried out an extensive advertising campaign. As a result, 96% of the population in 1939 benefited from the gas produced in the municipal gasworks, and the total network length was 250 km.

In 1970 a pipeline supplying natural gas was constructed. Fuel switching, meant that after 117 years of operation, in 1973, the quenched gas plant was closed. Currently the building is managed the Wielkopolska Spółka Gazownictwa which gradually restores buildings of the old gasworks.
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Geographical coordinates 52.4038890, 16.9427780
Address Poznań, Grobla
Construction dates 1853 -

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