Fara Church in Poznań

Fara Church in Poznań (full-name in polish: Kolegiata Matki Boskiej Nieustającej Pomocy i św. Marii Magdaleny w Poznaniu) - a Baroque parish church located on a cross of streets Gołębia and Świętosławska. On June 29, 2010 under special permission granted by Pope Benedict XVI, the church raised to the title and dignity of Minor Basilica.

In 1570 Bishop Adam Konarski brought to Poznań Jesuits, giving them the church of St. Stanislaus Bishop. In 1651, the construction of a new church, which plans probably came from Rome. Traditionally the author of the project is said to be Bartłomiej Nataniel Wąsowski. Initial work (to 1652) was directed by Tomasz Poncino. Swedish occupation (1655-1660) interrupted the work. After the resumption of construction, work was directed by Wąsowski Nathaniel Bartholomew, Wojciech Przybyłkowicz and John Poradowski. In the years 1696-1701 John Catenazzi designed the nave and the facade. In 1705 the church was consecrated by Bishop Jerome Wierzbowski, although it was still unfinished. In the years 1727-1732 Pompeo Ferrari built an altar and the main portal.

Inside there are also portraits and Baroque epitaphs and altars dedicated to St. Thaddeus Jude and st. Pius X. The pastor Valerian Ziętkiewicz ordered a new organs to replace the existing small and often spoild instruments. Designed and built by the best builder in Europe of late nineteenth century - Friedrich Ladegast of Weissenfels in Saxony. Design took him four years (1872-1876), and were ofically opened on July 26, 1876. Costed 24 thousand brands (half of the amount - 4000 thalers gave anonymous older woman). Wooden wardrobe comes from the Poznan Zeyland Joseph workshop. The project was prepared by Oscar Mothes.

Every Saturday (in summer daily from Monday to Saturday) at 12:15, organ concerts are held with the participation of outstanding performers. Admission is free, the income from the concert is intended to renovate the Fara church. After the concerts, you can visit the undergrounds of the church.

There is one lgend related with church. According to the story, sometimes on the balcony you can see a ghost of a woman dressed in black. Appears out of nowhere and just disappears. It is supposedly the spirit of the mysterious donor who looks after her gift.

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Geographical coordinates 52.4064102, 16.9339717
Address Poznań, Gołębia 1
Construction dates 1651 -

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