Ercilla Tower

The Ercilla Tower (in Basque Ertzila dorretxea) is a tower located in Bermeo, Spain. The building houses the Fishermans' Museum in the city.

The building was built in the fifteenth century. This tower is the only one that still standing in the town.  It is located in the old harbour. The facade retains elements of defense because of the role he played for years. The tower belonged to the family of the poet Alonso de Ercilla, author of La Araucana.

In 1944 it was declared a Historic Artistic Monument and since 1947 and is owned by the Provincial Council of Biscay.

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Style definitin of style Medieval
Category definition of category tower
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Geographical coordinates 43.4203074, -2.7210331
Address 48370 Bermeo, Calle de Eskil Arrak 1 - 7
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