Drassanes Reials - Royal Shipyards

The Drassanes Reials de Barcelona (Royal Shipyards of Barcelona) is the best preserved complex of civil Gothic buildings in Barcelona. Located very close to the waterfront, at the foot of the mountain of Montjuïc, it used to be a place where ships were built and repaired.

The construction of the shipyards began during the reign of Peter III of Aragon in 1280. They were large rectangular buildings with four towers at their corners. The origins of such construction is not well documented and therefore remains unknown to architects. Around 1381, the Gothic complex consisted of eight buildings with eighteen sections separated by square 6-metre high pillars. Each of such pillars had two arches that supported the roof beams with gable roof.

Later the buildings were adapted to the needs of the city and, finally, in the 20th century, Adolf Florensa renovated these buildings to house the Barcelona Maritime Museum.

Near the Royal Shipyards you can also find the Portal de Santa Madrona, a former medieval gate of the city of Barcelona.

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Neighbourhood El Raval (Ciutat Vella)
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Geographical coordinates 41.3761029, 2.1758424
Address 08001 Barcelona, Avinguda de les Drassanes 1
Construction dates 1283 - 1390
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