Dona i ocell

The woman and the bird or 'la Dona i l'Ocell' as it is called in Catalan,  a sculpture with an unusual height is located in a Park Joan Miro, which is very near to Plaza España and old Plaza de Toros, which is currently converted into shopping center.

This sculpture was a last work of famous surrealist Jean Miro. Reaveled in 1983, but the artist due to serious health problem couldn't attend to the opening ceremony. Nowadays this sculpture is the gratest symbol of the surrealism, which belongs to Barcelona.

Measuring 22 metres sculpture shows a woman with a hat, at the top of which is the bird. But the meaning of the sculpture can be also read in other way when the person who is watching scupture can find that bird is graphical term for a penis. Miro wanted to transfer ideas of the Romans, who placed the penis sculpture at the gates of the cities, where was supossed to provide the strenght and and health to the visitors.

So if we look closely at the sculpture we can see that a woman's body represents penis. Just as a bursting of the back of the sculpture, which is completely empty, it could represents women's vagina.

The bird which is located on the top of the sculpture can be interpreted as a poetical way of coming closer to the stars and sky, because the shape of the bird looks like a moon.

Source of description: planerGO

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Neighbourhood Montjuic (Sants-Montjuïc)
Price definition of price gratis
Geographical coordinates 41.3779815, 2.1482461
Address 08015 Barcelona, Carrer d'Aragó 1
Construction dates - 1983
Opening date 1983
Height 22.00
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