Church of St. Joseph in Lodz

Church of St. Joseph in Lodz is lokated on street Ogrodowa 22. It is the oldest church built in Lodz, the only building which remembers times of agricultural Lodz. Since 1910, the church is the seat of the parish of St. Joseph.

The temple was built in the years 1765 - 1768 by Bishop Anthony Ostrowski. Roman Catholic church built in larch originally stood in the Old Town, at the present Church Square. It was originally dedicated to the Virgin Mary. In 1888 the church was moved to the street Ogrodowa, its patron became saint St. Joseph, and in its place was built the Church of the Assumption.

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Geographical coordinates 51.7776110, 19.4489440
Address Łódź, Ogrodowa 22
Construction dates 1765 - 1768

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