Caldea Spa Center is a hot springs resort located in the vicinity of the river Valira in the town of Escaldes (Andorra).
Throughout the twentieth century is Escaldes hot water use resulted in the construction of the first hotels-resorts. Between 1930 and 1940 experienced the most profound change becoming a place of mass tourism.

In 1984 he began the creation of a SPA and leisure resort that exploits the main natural resource of the area - hot water.
Thermal Center opened in March 1994. The project - designed by designer Mariona Ridaura & Co. - is the result of the will of the Commune (municipality) of Escaldes and the existance of the therapeutic thermal waters of its territory.

The centre is located in an avant-garde building that calls attention due to its forms and its original 80m. height tower (the tallest building in Andorra). Inside there are main baths and other rooms with different types of baths, Roman, Scandinavian and outdoor bath. It also has a sauna area and a massage room. In the main hall are performed sound and light shows .

The thermal waters of Caldea are rich in minerals and used to rest, regain vitality and wellness. Have a chemical composition of : sodium (Na) 36 mg / l, sulfates (SO4) 21 mg / l, calcium (Ca) 4.1 mg / l, chloride (Cl) 6 mg / l Fluoride (F) 3.8 mg / l, potassium (K) 2 mg / l, (SiO2) 36 mg / l, iron (F) 0.1 mg / l, magnesium (Mg) less than 0.1 mg / l, aluminum (Al) 0.04 mg / l, ammonium (NH4 +) 0.1 mg / l.

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oryginalne SPA Caldea była jednym z ciekawszych miejsc typu SPA, które odwiedziłem. Architektura obiektu jest bardzo oryginalna, choć widać już upływ lat. Za cenę 34 euro można przez 3 godziny przebywać w jednym z wielu basenów. Oprócz basenu głównego, jest kilka jacuzzi, basen zewnętrzny (32-34 stopnie), łaźni... rating 1 rating 2 rating 3 rating 4 rating 5 2011-11-27 23:43:05
user image of airún
Lo mejor de Caldea, su piscina exterior El edificio, un iceberg de cristal en medio del pais de los Pirineos es increible. El interior, menos futuristico, no deja de sorprender en detalles como la picina principal con sus ollas de masaje, o el caldarium/frigidarium de los bańos turcos (el caldarium siempre lleno y el frigidarium con pocos... rating 1 rating 2 rating 3 rating 4 rating 5 2013-01-02 23:09:46

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Price definition of price normal : 34.50 child : 25.00 (age <7) special cheap : 28.00
Geographical coordinates 42.5116145, 1.5371702
Address Les Escaldes, Avinguda de Josep Viladomat
Opening date 1994
Height 80.00
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