Archaeological Museum in Poznan

The Archaeological Museum is located in a building in Poznan Gorka Palace. The origins of the museum date back to the 23 September 1857. Then the Faculty of History and Moral Sciences passed a resolution to establish the Museum of Polish and Slavic Antiquities. In 1923, the archaeological collections of the museum, combined with similar collections of the former Provincial Museum in Poznan (Kaiser-Friedrich Museum), founded by Germans in 1894. A separate department of the prehistoric museum was created. In 1945 an independent Museum of Prehistoric was established. In 1950 was renamed for the Archaeological Museum. In 1967 the Museum acquired a new office in the Palace of Gorka, reconstructed after the war.

It has the following permanent exhibitions: "Prehistory of Wielkopolska" - history of the region from the Stone Age to late antiquity, "Death and Life in Ancient Egypt" - sites related to religion and culture of Egypt, "Archaeology of the Sudan", "rock art of Dakhleh Oasis," "Here was Poland created"

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Geographical coordinates 52.4074575, 16.9346031
Address Poznań, Wodna 27
Opening date 1857
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