a symbol of modern Barcelona

The Agbar Tower (Torre Agbar in Spanish) is one of the best symbols of a modern Barcelona visible from many parts of the city. Nevertheless I have never entered inside, there are some discotheques that might be of your interest to see in the night (during your stay in Barna).
During the day this building plays role of a technological centre. It marks an entrance to the technological district 22@.

It is located between Avenida Diagonal and calle Badajoz. You can get there easily in metro (station Glories).

Speaking about the history, according to the architect of the building - Jean Nouvel, the shape is inspired in mountains of Montserrat and colours are resembling the style of Gaudi. But of course the shape of Agbar Tower has also different interpretations...

The unofficial names are "Pepino" (cucumber), "Pene de Barcelona", "el Supositorio".


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Raport Agbar Tower (Barcelona)

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